Mike Monsiviaz

Mike Monsivaiz debuted himself on the San Diego scene in 2004. He is recognized among his peers as one of the best rock drummers in the area. His musical roots lie deep within 70's heavy metal and progressive rock genres. His cannot be missed with his hard hitting, deep pocket, quick chops, and the distinctive “stank face” reminiscent of drumming icon Buddy Rich. He's played almost every major stage in the area from The Casbah to opening for ZZ Top at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater in Chula Vista. Playing with local legends Endoxi and Astra Kelly, he found himself transitioning from original music to the corporate scene. Formerly, the full-time drummer for Republic of Music and Belly Up’s Happy Hour Masters Atomic Groove, his range of musical abilities stretches across most genres. Always humble, he consistently claims he's usually the least talented person in the band. His attitude, coupled with his live performances, has led to his appearance on the albums of and the touring drummer of many local artists while being nominated multiple times at the San Diego Music Awards. His recent move to the East Coast has left a void, however he stills finds himself from time to time back in San Diego doing gigs and session work. If you see him floating around say hello and be prepared for a conversation on drum gear, food, and death metal.