Dream Vintage Bliss 20” Crash/Ride

Dream Cymbals

$ 209.00

Drum Flip. Authorized Dream Dealers.

Brand new. 1706 grams. A few stick marks from testing.

The Dream Vintage Bliss Series 20 Inch Crash/Ride is manufactured using a unique micro-lathe technique and are hand-hammered to perfection. It features a signature soft edge, a low profile bell and a gradual taper. The unique shape produces a wild shimmer with a rich, warm stick sound. The response is ultra-fast and full bodied with a fairly fast decay. The crash is full and punchy with just the right amount of wash.

Dream Vintage Bliss Series 20 Inch Crash/Ride Cymbal Main Features

Micro-lathed surface

Thin weight with taper at edge

Woody, warm and round sticking tone

Fast response with shimmering wash

Fairly fast decay

no international shipping.

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