Odery Cafe Kit 5pc Blue Sparkle Drum Set

Odery Drums

$ 450.00

$450!!  Don’t sleep on this one. Odery Cafe kit with 20” bass drum, 14 floor, 12,10, racks and 12 snare.  Includes hi hat stand, bass drum pedal and cymbal stand!  Warm, resonant drums that look killer!  

Barely used condition.  In store or at www.drumflip.com 

Made of 100% basswood, with beautiful see-through new lugs, ergonomic hardware that is easy to handle. 

All hadware pictured included!


Bass Drum 20x16

Floor Tom: 14 x 11

Snare: 12 x 05
Tom: 10 x 5,5
Tom: 12 x 06

Hardware: inRock Pedal P-702IR / inRock Hi hat Stand H-702IR / PDP Cymbal Stand / Gibraltar Snare Tom arm and clamp.

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