Odery Copper Sparkle Cafe Kit Shell Pack

Odery Drums

$ 315.00

$275 in store $315 shipped.  Odery Cafe Kit Shell Pack in copper sparkle.  14,12,12,10 with bass drum riser.  Awesome pocket kit with some punch!  In store or at www.drumflip.com 

Used excellent condition. Snare stand not included.

From Odery: 

Drum Flip, your local drum shop and Odery Authorized Dealer!

Brand New Café Kit in blue sparkle finish ply.  One of the very best values on any drum set at any price range.  These kits have a big tuning range, articulate and responsive snare and fit into any space!  Comes complete with great hardware and looks that impress all under $420! Kit is in our showroom, light stick marks from testing. 

From Odery: This project was a joy to develop. Starting with the name: we do love to relax, cup of coffee in hand, among good friends! Actually, the name was an idea of our American drumming friends, Anthony King and Lyle Brown. During a conversation at the 2014 NAMM show, I told them we were designing a compact kit, and needed to find a name. They immediately yelled, excited, “CafeKit!!” 

The project was ready to go! Of course, even as a mini kit, it IS a professional drum set, and not a toy.  Made of 100% basswood, with beautiful see-through new lugs, ergonomic hardware that is easy to handle. When coupled with the expanded set, the tom holders become arms for splash cymbals or percussion accessories. In other words, a drum kit for everyone, versatile and full of charisma. That is Cafekit.

Bass Drum: 14 x 11″(diam. x deep)

Snare: 12 x 05

Tom: 10 x 5,5

Tom: 12 x 06

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