PDP Concept Maple 4pc Pearlescent Black Drum Set


$ 445.00

Brand new.

20x16,14x14,12x9,14x5.5 10 Lug Snare.  Includes floor Tom legs and tom arm.  No snare stand.

DW-inspired Shells and Hardware at an Irresistible Price

The PDP Concept Maple shell pack has all the makings of a high-performance kit at a down-to-earth price. That's because every component of this shell pack, from the all-maple F.A.S.T. shells right down to the graduated hoops and True-Pitch tension rods, has been influenced by DW's American-made masterpieces.  Remo heads and DW-inspired Dual Turret lugs and PDP round badges crown each shell.

All-maple shells

PDP's Asian maple shells — considerably softer than DW's standard North American hard rock maple shells — deliver a full, meaty tone in the Concept Maple shell pack. Toms are round and powerful, and the kick drum packs an enveloping low end that can be tailored with head choice to suit a wide range of stylistic needs.

DW-inspired looks and performance

From the satin finish to the Dual Turret lugs, DW's influence on the Concept Maple series is unmistakable. Here's what you get:

  • True-Pitch tension rods with fine threads maximize tuning accuracy
  • STM tom mount and isolation floor tom legs maximize resonance
  • Graduated counterhoops unlock the right balance of attack and sustain from each shell
  • Low-mass claw hooks look great and keep weight off your kick

Ready to rock with Remo heads

With a full set of DW-designed Remo heads, your PDP Concept Maple shell pack is ready to rock straight out of the gate.

PDP Concept Maple 4-piece Shell Pack Features:

  • All-maple shell pack at a great price
  • DW-inspired shells, hardware, and lugs
  • 7-ply F.A.S.T. maple shells deliver a fat, full tone
  • Triple-flanged graduated hoops strike the right balance of attack and sustain
  • Remo heads deliver great tone out of the box
  • no international shipping.

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