Sabian Quiet Tone Cymbal Set 18,13

Sabian Quiet Tone Cymbal Set 18,13


$ 179.00

Brand new

13 hi hat set

18 Crash/Ride

Low-output Cymbals for Practice and Lessons

Whether you're a student, instructor, or late-night woodshedder, Sabian Quiet Tone cymbals are a sound investment in your practice hours — not to mention your hearing and relationships. Unlike some practice cymbals, Quiet Tones deliver a rich, ample sustain and defined bell tone. This encourages a natural playing style behind the kit, resulting in less wear and tear on your joints and equipment and a better transition from the practice room to the stage or studio. Sabian Quiet Tone cymbals are made from a durable perforated alloy that both resists staining and breakage and greatly reduces practice volume, so even if you do play out, you won't have to worry about damage or waking the neighbors.

Dramatically reduces volume

Sabian's latest addition to the Quiet Tone series are its Quiet Tone cymbal packs. Wherever you need reduced volume — a teaching studio, an apartment, or an intimate stage — Sabian Quiet Tone cymbals deliver. The perforations, paired with Sabian's special alloy, both reduce output and offer a daring look.

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