SJC Custom Drums 4pc Pathfinder Crimson Super Stain Drum Sets

SJC Custom Drums

Regular price $ 799.99 Sale price $ 499.99

$499.99 Deal Alert!  We have two brand new SJC Custom Drums 4pc kits coming! 

Crimson super stain.  20,14,12,14 matching snare!  

7ply Agathis and Cherry Shells with double 45 edges.

Crimson Super Stain with Matte Black Satin Hoops

Flat Black Hardware/SJC Sheild Lugs, 1.6mm hopps

Evans Drumheads

What you get!

20x16 Virgin bass drum

14x12 floor tom

12x8 rack tom with mount and tom arm

14x6 snare drum

No cymbals or stands included.

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