SoCal Vendor/Swap Meet Spot 10x7 Spot

Drum Flip

$ 49.00

Vendor demo/Swap Meet spot for the SoCal Drum Show in beautiful Oceanside Ca.  The show will be at the QLN conference center.  You may sell, demo and trade any products you bring to the show.   

Booths are going to be 10x7” Load in time is 9am-12:45 day of show.  Please bring carpets for flooring and chairs if you would like.

PLEASE ADVERTISE!  The success of the show will be influenced greatly by the help of cross marketing!  

Please contact Ed with any questions.

Show time is 1-7pm.  All vendors must be completely finished packing up by 8:50 pm.  

Any questions please contact Ed O'Connor

760-574-8963 or at


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