Tama 14x6” SLP Bubinga Snare Drum


$ 295.00

$295 Tama 14x6” Bubinga SLP Snare in excellent used condition.  This TAMA SLP bubinga snare drum uses 12 layers of bubinga to create an incredible sounding snare. The bubinga gives this drum with a warm and rich response. The thicker shell creates a focused and tighter sound while the flanged hoops allow the drum to breathe. The perfect snare for live or recording situations. The finishing touches are a quilted bubinga outer veneer and the visually striking black nickel hardware. With the S.L.P. Bubinga snare, you're getting almost all of the upgrades of the Starclassic bubinga at a budget-friendly price.

Manufacturers Description

This 12-ply, 10mm Bubinga shell provides an extraordinarily punchy sound with a large helping of low-end. The combination of 2.3mm flanged hoops and low-mass separate lugs allow the Bubinga shell to resonate more naturally. While its suggested musical styles include pop, R&B, rock and country, the G-Bubinga is considered to be the best all-around snare in the S.L.P. series.


Tama S.L.P. G-Bubinga Snare Drum Features

12-Ply Bubinga Shell

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare

MLS50B Detachable Butt Plate

Hold Tight Washers

Linear-Drive Strainer

Black Nickel Plated Hardware

Starclassic Lugs

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