Tama Silverstar Hyper-Drive Duo 5pc Drum Set John Tempesta Played and Signed!


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Played and signed by John Tempesta at the 2018 Socal Drum Show!  Each Tom head is signed. 

Tama Hyper-Drive Duo 5pc Drum Set!  We are excited to offer this very unique set by Tama.  It features all maple shells, full length lugs, die cast hoops and a smooth black hardware.  The satin finish is superb and these shells sing.  The most unique part about the kit is the 14x10 floor tom that also can be used as a side snare with a throw off.  Wonderful kit, made to last decades.   

This store demo Superstar Hyper-Drive Duo is a unique and exciting series which will bring new value to the current drumming world. Similar to the groundbreaking work we did with the Superstar Hyper-Drive's extra shallow toms in 2008 - drawing inspiration drawn from recent performances of cutting-edge drummers - we have once again created distinct drum setups which are poised to inspire drummers. Opening the door to new approaches to drumming beyond the standard. The key component of this series is the 10" x 14" snare drum, which we call the "Duo Snare". This drum is unique not only because of its uncommon 10" floor tom legs and brackets. You can tune this drum low and place it where the first floor tom would traditionally go. As such, the snare can function as a low/deep snare with the snare wires engaged, or as a 14" floor tom with the snares off. This can lead to many unique phrasing opportunities.

Once you experience playing on this new kit your eyes and ears will be opened to the infinite range of possibilities, plus it's a lot of fun. 


6ply Maple toms and floor tom

8ply Maple bass drum

Star Cast Mounts

Set Includes

22x16 8 Lug Virgin Bass Drum

16x14 Floor tom with legs

14x10 Duo Floor tom/Snare

12x7 Rack tom with tom mount

10x6.5 Rack tom with tom mount

2 Tom arms and tom arm clamps

No other hardware, snare or cymbals included.

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