About Us

“Drum Flip is a store I always wanted to go to but never could find....so I made it”.

Drum Flip is an independent, family and veteran owned drum store located in Vista, CA.  Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service by knowledgeable staff and offer unique products for all drummers from the first time player to the gigging professional. We pride ourselves on finding and providing gear that you won’t find in a big box store.

We are neighborhood-focused and host community events ranging from drum clinics to swap meets to the annual SoCal Drum Show.

Drum Flip is an authorized dealer for SJC Custom Drums, Barton, Cogs Custom Drums, Tama, Pork Pie, Odery, Pearl, Gretsch, PDP, Dream Cymbals, Zildjian, Sabian, T-Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Evans Drum Heads, and many other unique and boutique drum and cymbal companies from around the world.

We offer new and used, one-off custom artist kits, cymbals, snares, hardware and more at prices that fit your budget.  Trades and consignments are also offered at the store location in Vista.

Other services we offer include room rentals, in-store drum rentals, appraisals, tunings, delivery and set-up service, and light repairs.

Thank you for choosing us! 

Ed attended his first concert when he was seventeen. It was a life changing moment in which he found his passion for playing and flipping drums. He has worked as a school teacher, realtor, served in the United States Marine Corps and also various sales and recreation jobs.

Ed started Drum Flip out of his garage in 2010 as a passion project buying, refurbishing and selling drums to musicians around the world. He wanted to open a brick and mortar store that not only caters to the global drumming community but also provides a musicians’ neighborhood hang-out.

His passion for drums, sales and the drum community pushed him into opening a store for all of the drummers out there looking for a place that caters to them. 

Susan’s passion for music started while still in elementary school. She admits to not being coordinated enough to play drums, but appreciates their beauty, artistic style, and face-melting volume. She truly enjoys getting to know others in the drumming community and sharing in their passion for music.