Bentley Monet

“I am so dang lucky to be able to do what I love every day.” – Bentley, Drum Flip Endorsee

Bentley Monet eats, sleeps, breathes and bleeds drums. When not playing the drums, Bentley is looking at pictures of them online.

Bentley's passion for drums started with hitting pots and pans during childhood. All Bentley wanted was a drum set, but instead was given a piano, guitar, bass, and who knows what else before finally convincing their parents to let them make some real noise.

“I felt the beat and needed to make it come alive.” - Bentley

Bentley was forced to choose between guinea pigs and a drum set. Choosing the drum set, Bentley was in a stranger's living room thanks to Craigslist, tearing apart his kit in exchange for hard earned babysitting money. Bentley immediately went home and set up the kit, finding a comfy Rubbermaid container and went to town. From that moment, Bentley's heart, soul, and left ring finger were taken over by a set of hollow wood with plastic skins.

“The 4/4 standard rock beat I’ve been playing on air drums is finally alive!!!! Since that day I've never stopped drumming.” - Bentley

Bentley played in the high school drum line and several bands before joining the duo called Snailmate.  The duo is known for their creative blend of synth, punk, and hip hop. They have a work ethic that can be described as psychotic, booking and funding all of their tours and even screen printing their own t-shirts.

Bentley is also endorsed by SJC Custom Drums and Xcel Drumsticks.

Snailmate tours nationally and internationally full time.

Snailmate is everywhere. Be sure to check out them out on social media and their website for tour dates near you.
Instagram: @snailmate